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Stealing of Flat screen Tv taking over at Damongo

About 7 cases of stealing of plasma TV’s has been recorded in Damongo last month. Stealing cases of flat plasma TV’s with many people  attributing it to the christmas yuletide around the corner.
The thieves believed to be mostly the youth operates during the day when everyone is gone to work with some also carrying the barbaric act in the night.
Few weeks ago, these criminals broke into the residence of the member of parliament, Hon. Adam Mutawakilu and made away with his screen.
Another young teacher on that faithful night complained of his flat screen among many others.
The thieves started with stealing of motorbikes, graduated to decoders and metamorphosed into flat screens.
Madam Baby, a seamstress in Damongo two weeks ago had her room broke into by these criminals in a broad day when she was in her shop.
They took away her TV decoder, an extension cord, clothes, an amount of money, her toothpaste and ate the food she had prepared down for her school boy.
A motorbike belonging to a young lady was stolen just behind the Jakpa Palace in her room when she was asleep.
The recent Damba festival recorded cases of stealing of motorbikes.  All these is happening in the Yagbon residential area, a suburb of Damongo.
Crime rate is on the ascendancy in the Damongo township day by day. Residents are getting worried and appealing to any body especially those who buys such goods to report or volunteer information for such persons to be arrested.
Just a few days ago the amplifier of a Mosque inside Ndewura  Jakpa Senior Technical High school (NDESCO) disappeared.
Two young men with one on the run are in the custody of the Damongo police station for raping a girl after using a knife to threatened her.
Another one is in the grips of the police for snatching and making away with a motor bike belonging to a Sissala man.
Many are calling on the people of Damongo to be each others keepers by reporting and volunteering information’s to the police to help stop these stealing cases.
Source: Nkilgi 103.7Fm, Bole/ Zion Abdul- Rauf

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