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35 Solid Years of Marriage But No Biological Child – Uncle Ebo Whyte Feeling Hopeful Regardless (+ Video)

After creation, the Ultimate Reality or otherwise known as God tasked man to multiply and subdue the earth. The act of multiplying gave birth to marriage just to make sure that society will forever remain extant.

That’s why African societies especially Ghanaians with sound mind hold the oldest human institution or otherwise marriage in high esteem. Nonetheless, it’s not just about marriage which cometh with vague lustrous ring but marriage that produces children. So, it becomes a big blow if couples find it difficult to add up to creation – produce offsprings biologically.


Now, Uncle Ebo Whyte, a renowned playwright and life couch, is finding it extremely difficult to add up to creation but from all indications, he don’t like perturbed. Thus, after 35 solid years of marriage, Uncle Ebo has not been able to impregnate his wife but it seems the life couch is not too worried.

Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

It is for this reason he decided to impact the lives of some individuals who are at the other side of his experience. He has adopted several children who have been for a reason or the other been deprived or having biological parents.

Being the firm believer of Christ he is, he has chosen the pathway of faith. As long as there is life, Uncle Ebo said, he will, together with his wife, keep hoping for a miracle of a baby.

“I do not think we have even accepted that we can’t produce children, even now, we’ll keep trying to see if it happens”, he stated.

“We went through the usual, we go see specialists, we go do all kinds of test and the report comes, both of you are okay, there’s nothing really, medically wrong with you, then we decide let’s live our lives, let’s not panic over this, let’s not be upset about this, and let’s just have fun, let’s make our childlessness a blessing to us and to other people”, he added.

For Uncle Ebo Whyte, the onus falls on every man to stand as head of the family and defend his wife in events where there is childlessness in marriage. To ‘kick’ society off he maintained, one has to protect and speak on behalf of the family and defend his wife regardless whose fault it is.

“It is the one area that destroys marriages, the outside influences come, and they begin to push you. The lesson there is especially the men, stand by your wife, be the one to defend her, don’t leave her to herself and once society gets to know her man is behind her, they’ll back off”.

Watch the intriguing footage below:




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