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US students robbed at South Africa school

About 20 students from the US have been robbed at gunpoint while visiting a primary school just outside Pretoria in South Africa.

The students, who were visiting Mamelodi school in Tshwane as part of an outreach programme, were made to lie on the floor while robbers took their bags containing phones, purses and electronic devices.

An employee of the school was hit on the head by a gun and a passerby was shot in the arm by a stray bullet.

A school official told Sowetan Live that the armed robbers trailed the visitors’ bus before following them into the school.

“It happened so fast, maybe in eight minutes. They had taken everyone’s bag and headed for the exit. We started screaming,” they said.

The official said the foreign students were “shaken” and “in tears”.

The suspects have not yet been found and police are appealing for any information


Source: bbc.com

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