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Penetrative s*x should not go beyond 10 minutes – Medical doctor warns

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nature’s Green Medical Centre, Dr. Richard Hagan, has bemoaned the use of alcoholic beverages laced with sexual enhancers.

The medical doctor speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm underscores the need for the regulatory body in charge of food and drugs to investigate these alcoholic beverages claiming to be sex enhancers.

Dr. Hagan said these beverages being used as sex enhancers have serious health implications for the users.

According to him, it would be abnormal for any man to have penetrative sex beyond 10 minutes.

He explained that penetrative sex should last between 3-10 minutes and anything beyond that means the person is suffering from a sexual malfunction.

“Penetrative sex should not last beyond 10 minutes. If you go beyond 10 minutes, then you have a problem and I would encourage you to seek medical attention, ” he said.

He also indicated that ejaculation should not delay and when a man’s evacuation delays for one minute, then there is a problem.

He has therefore advised men against the use of alcoholic beverages with the intent to enhance their sexual performance.

Although he did not speak against the intake of alcohol in a reasonable manner, he cautioned against its use for sexual purposes.

Sex he said is an important thing for human beings but must be done in the right way.

Sex education he posited is good hence the need for Ghanaians to appreciate and allow young people to be educated on the importance of sex.

The inability of people to have good sex and satisfy their partners he said could lead to suicidal tendencies hence the need to educate people.


Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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