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POETRY ARTICLE: The Unending end of depression

Sweats have turned blood
My legs are weak,
temporary turning me cripple
I can no longer move
Not a single step forward
My sorrow overwhelming, consuming
I’ve travelled alone, left alone
Hopelessly helpless in my journey
In this tunnel of depression,
I’m condemned to suffer forever
But wait!
I see something
I can finally see
the end of the tunnel
from where I worthlessly lie.
Greeting me with a shiny light
As bight as sun
Light, they say is hope, assurance, intrepidity,
life, end of darkness, new beginning…
Help is here!
The suffering is almost over
The curse of an unending loneliness is broken, perhaps
Find me strength
To drag myself once more
To endure the pain one last time, hopefully
Yes! Light!
It brightens per each pace I move
But what if it is a train approaching?
What if it’s only a figment of my imagination?
Just like the last time – countless times
It makes things worse each time, quite deceptive
And yet, it feels, like them all
Written by,
Michael Twum Appiah Adjei

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