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I’m not on talking terms with NDC’s Mosquito – Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu has stated categorically that he is not on talking terms with Chief Scribe of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia alias General Mosquito.

Reacting to news of being impervious to advise about accepting the post of Special Prosecutor, the citizen vigilante shredded the NDC General Secretary literally accusing him of being a serial certified liar.

“Common sense will tell any reasonable person that there is no way Asiedu Nketia or the NDC could have spoken to me or warned me because I was not on such speaking terms with him or them”, he revealed in his latest article sighted by MyNewsGh.com.

He added “anybody who wants further evidence and proof that Mr. Asiedu Nketia might have hallucinated or might be an irredeemable liar should Google or go to the websites indicated in some of the following on what he and the NDC said on or around 6th February 2018 about my nomination that proves his hallucination and/or lies and the fake news.”

Mr. Amidu who is averse to people interfering with his work had these strong words for them “those who know my track record in public office over the decades know that no Member of the Council of their Elders would dare speak to me on resigning my public office as the Special Prosecutor. Anybody who approaches me to persuade me to resign my office will be considered to be obstructing me in the performance of my anti-corruption duties as the Special Prosecutor. This time the Office of the Special Prosecutor will handle the matter by itself and not farmed it out to another law enforcement office so that the case will also lie fallow again like the previous widely published complaint and complaint statement of obstruction I lodged for investigation.”


Source: mynewsgh.com

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