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11 Fumbisi SHS girls collapse after ‘strange’ events; school closed down

Fumbisi Senior High School in the Builsa South District of Upper East Region has been closed down following a series of strange incidents on the school’s campus.

At least 11 female students were rushed to the hospital on Monday after falling down and becoming unconscious.

The school’s management has sent students home and shut down the institution until further notice.

JoyNews’ Upper East Region correspondent, Albert Sore, reports that before the girls were rushed to the hospital some of them “were behaving strangely.”

“Some of the girls said they saw a strange person, a ghost maybe…one girl said she was pulled by this strange person and she fell,” the reporter said.

Some people believe the students may be under spiritual attack.

The headmaster of the Fumbisi Senior High School, Cletus Aruk, has said the Christian Council has intervened in a bid to get to the bottom of the matter.

Other news sources have also reported that the number of students that have collapsed is higher, with some estimating that 20 students fainted between Sunday and Monday.

“Three of the students collapsed on Sunday night and 17 more on Monday, They were hospitalised at Fumbisi Clinic and the Sandema Government Hospital. 16 of those taken to the Sandema Government Hospital have been discharged,” one news portal reported Monday.

Following the strange collapse of the female students, some other students also held a brief demonstration to push for better facilities.

The unwalled school poses a major security threat, the agitating students complain.

Meanwhile, the Board of Fumbisi Senior High School is also expected to meet on Wednesday to begin investigations.


Source: Myjoyonline.com

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