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Anger in Police over stalling of promotions, retirements

Anger is building up within the ranks of Police officers, which may snowball into a protest due to the stalling of promotions and retirements as a result of the face of with the Police Service Commission (PSC) over the recruitment of 10, 000 constables, The Nation has gathered.

Following a meeting of the Management of the PSC with the Joint Staff Union of the Commission over the recruitment imbroglio, the Union had demanded the suspension of all promotions and recruitments and other activities as it pertains to the Police until all the issues are resolved.

A source in the Commission told The Nation on Tuesday that the development had led to the stalling of many promotions and retirements, which were still being processed thereby creating feelings of disaffection among those affected.

The source said: “The staff union of the Commission insisted that the Commission must suspend all activities that concern the police until the matter is resolved.

“They demanded and got the management to agree that all these things would be suspended. Since then there has been piles of recommendation for promotion.

“For instance about three AIGs have retired and we are not processing their retirement letters and if it is not processed you cannot access your benefits. It is when you get this letter that you can now go and access those benefits.

“Then for those that have pending disciplinary matters (PDM), they are still in abeyance and nobody is looking at them, and if you have PDM you cannot be promoted.

“So there is a problem. Nigeria needs these people we are recruiting to get into the system fast so that they can help in the security challenges we are facing in the country. Now it is stalled. Nothing is happening again.

“All these things are pending and the union are insisting they would not be touched until this thing is resolved. It is terrible that nothing is done about it for a matter as critical thing as security.

“The policemen are not happy and the feedback we are getting from the states indicates so. And it is building up.

“There is a build up of animosity and there is likely to be some revolt, because when you don’t get promoted, when they retire and they cannot get their retirement letters processed for them to get their benefits, and when they have PDMs and nobody is addressing it, the anger would be building up.

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