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Pastor Beds Wife’s Underage Sister,Promises To Marry Her

Zimbabwe – A Mutare pastor was arrested for allegedly having sexual intercourse with his underage sister-in-law.

The 30 year old Felix Mazengero is alleged to have had an affair with his wife’s 14-year-old sister (name withheld) which resulted in a pregnancy.

The matter came to light before Magistrate Prisca Manhimbi. Mazengero pleaded not guilty to the statutory rape charge.

The court heard that the accused, who is married to the minor’s sister, proposed love to the complainant who accepted the proposal. The two then started the alleged affair.

Sometime in June 2019, the Mazengero is alleged to have visited the minor at her residence in the evening. Taking advantage of the minor’s mother’s absence, Mazengero pounced on the minor and had unprotected consensual sex with her. In the same month, the minor skipped her period and informed Mazengero who then promised to marry her after she finished writing her grade seven examinations.

However, teachers at the school noticed unusual changes on the minor and a police officer was tipped off that the minor was pregnant. Acting on the tip-off, Constable Kanhukamwe visited the school and quizzed the minor who then spilled the beans that she was pregnant with her brother in-law’s child.

According to the minor’s relatives who spoke on condition of anonymity, Mazengero was allegedly exploiting his influence to drag the matter so he can walk scot-free.

We are afraid that this issue is taking too long because the person has influence, we are hoping that justice will prevail because Mazengero should have known better since he is an adult.

It is even more sad considering he is a pastor yet he takes advantage of such a young person.

The accused will now face trial on January 24.


Source: Faceofmalawi

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